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Connecting the Disconnected  


Almost everyone one has a family member or a friend, who is not connected on social media.  If your over the age of 54 and not on social media, there’s a good chance that you’re being lectured on a regular basis about why you should be on Facebook and other social media services.   
Whether it’s your children or grandchildren, someone will be trying to drag you into the new world of social media.

Like many baby boomers, you may not want to be on social media for a variety of reasons.   Well, you are not alone.

You might be worried about security and dont want your profile and pictures splurged out there for the world to see.   It may just be that you’re not too tech savvy or you find the whole social media thing way too complicated. 

With today’s new world of technology, things happen much quicker. News travels faster and many seek instant gratification, whether it’s shopping, research, making a booking, asking a questions or just day to day communication.
Communication for the younger generation has now become reliant on messages, texts and social media platforms.  Even a date can be arranged on social media.
For those who are not connected– failing to recognise these changes could ultimately see you be missing out on many special family moments and memories.   The younger generation communicate differently and we need to accept this change to be included and watch the family grow.

If you are not on board, then the chance to watch your kids grow up and experience the world could slip by you so quickly.   The reality is that if you don’t find a way to connect via social media – then your missing out.

Boom has been researching the generational gap that exists and the way in which we communicate.  Boom has developed an App to bridge the gap and allow everyone, regardless of technical ability and computer experience, to get what they need from social media.
Boom connects the disconnected in this new world of social media.

 “Just as we may not understand why the young ones love to communicate on the phone with text and emoji’s -The younger generation simply don’t understand why the older generation don’t understand Facebook and Instagram ” says Nick Cartledge, CEO of Boom.

“We wanted to develop a platform that meets the needs of both generations and brings them together in a more private and filtered environment.  In doing so, this allows the older generation to connect in a more simplistic by allowing them to feel safe and secure, and without having to use a public profile.  
It is our responsibility to connect everyone in the family and not leave anyone disconnceted".  says Nick Cartledge.

The Boom App allows for a person to be a "Follower" and follow other family and friends "Authors" by receiveing their approved posts from Facebook and Instagram into a private news feed.  These posts will be collated in chronoligcal order in a private Boom news feed without the trappings of general social media.
Upon reading the private news feed, they can comment and open a private chat window which is a two way communication only and is not seen by any other member of the group.  

 “This solution allows you to view and connect to all family members without the concerns of general social media.  It is delievering just the posts from your family members allowing you to only receive information from nominated family and friends.  Boom is a private way to share memories to those who like to stay private and not have a public profile or use general social media”. Says Nick Cartledge.

The Authors that use social media are given the option to unselect particular posts they do not want them delivered to the Followers news feed.  Swipe right to send to the Boom Followers and swipe left to delete from the system.  Just a few seconds a day and you can keep everyone in the family connected.

Boom solves the gap between generations with an easy solution for both parties.   For those who want to see and share in the memories of the family without the other aspects of public social media its a break through.
Boom is available on the App store and Google play.

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