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Boom Sign up Instructions


Welcome to Boom.  The new exciting and easy way for everyone to be able to follow and enjoy posts from family members regardless of their technical ability with phones and computers.  

Boom has made connecting easy for a family member who doesn’t want a public social media profile but wants to share in the family memories that are being posted.

When using Boom for the first time, it is important to establish if you are wanting to be a Follower or if you will be an Author. 

A FOLLOWER is determined as someone who wants to follow other family members who have Facebook or Instagram accounts.  A Follower will receive a private news feed from the shared posts of an Author.   A Follower does not need a Facebook or Instagram account.  A follower cannot use the same email and be an author.  This will be in future editions.

An AUTHOR is someone who has a Facebook or Instagram account and wants to share their selected posts with a family member (Follower) in a private news feed.  Boom is designed for an Author to share posts with a family member who becomes a Follower and is not connected via normal social media channels.  An Author must have at least one social media account.


Once you have downloaded the Boom app to your device, select Register.
Type in your email address twice.   Select a password that you will remember easily.  
Please don't forget your password !
Your password must be between 8—16 characters with at least 1 capital letter and one number or special character. 

Welcome to Boom.
You will be asked to choose if you wish to use this account to be a FOLLOWER or an AUTHOR.

Please select one according to the information above.
If you chose Follower – proceed to set up your private profile. Add a picture from your gallery and type in your name.  Only your family members and the close friends you invite will see this picture.  

This is not a public profile, so don’t worry!

Now let’s invite family and friends you wish to follow who might have a Facebook or Instagram account.  All you need is their email.   If you don’t have their email – just send them an SMS and request so you can input an invitation to Boom.  We are confident they will be happy to receive your request.



(The logo with the two people at the bottom of the screen).
Type in their email address. The address will then appear in a blue bubble. 
Press enter on your keyboard and the CONNECT at the bottom on the page.

The email invitation will be sent to them to request them to join.  The email should have a link directly to the Boom app.  If the link directs them to the store only - they can just search BOOM CONNECTIONS. 

(Sometimes the invitation may go to their junk box- so if they don't receive it within a few minutes - this could be the reason).

If they have already downloaded the app – the invitation will go directly to their Boom Connections.  Once they accept your invitation, they now can now share information to your private news feed.  

It’s that simple.   Now, without having a social media account - you can follow as many family members and close friends as you want in your own private news feed.  
Congratulations – you are now a Boom Follower. 

So start sending out those invitations and be part of the new world of technology and connecting with all your family.

When you receive a post in your news feed, you can click on the post and the CHAT function will automatically open and you can comment on that picture.  Any comments you make will be private between you and the person who posted the picture.  No other member of the group will see your comments.  It’s a private one way chat with the author of that post.

You can also just click the chat window at the bottom of the page at any time and select to chat with any member of the group privately.

On the news feed page, you may notice a small blue eye on each member that you are following. 

At any time you can choose to follow all the group or just select posts from an individual by unclicking the eye on the person posts you don’t want to see at that time.  When you click ALL – everyone’s posts will come back to your news feed.  Some times when a new connection joins you need to hit the 'refresh' button to be able to receive their posts.  Alternatively try logging out just once and back in.  


For those who have a Facebook or Instagram account and want to connect with a family member and share posts, it’s just as simple.

Follow the same process to register – however click AUTHOR.  

Proceed to set up your profile in the same manner and be sure to choose a profile pic that will be recognisable to the family member you want to follow your posts.
Then you will be asked to choose where to obtain your content.  You can choose either Facebook or Instagram.  You can even choose to share from both accounts.  Select and follow the instructions to give Boom authorisation to access your posts on your behalf.
Now – go to CONNECTIONS. 

Click ADD connection and input the email address of the person you want to invite to follow you.

Input the email address of the family member you wish to share your posts. 
An invitation will be sent to their email and ask them to download the app and accept your invitation unless they are already in the system.  If they have already downloaded the app – the invitation will go directly to their Boom Connections account.  
Once they accept your invitation, they now can now receive information that you choose to share.
The Boom app will collate your most recent posts from Facebook and Instagram.  You have the option to share ALL with your follower by clicking the SHARE ALL button at the top right.

Alternatively use your finger to swipe an image to the right and click the ‘share this’ arrow for the post to be sent to your followers.  

Swipe left and you have the option to dismiss that post.  A post that is dismissed will not be sent to anyone following you. 

To start a private conversation with anyone, click the CHAT button.  This is now a private conversation.  No other member of the group will see this conversation.
There is no limit as to how many people can follow you.  

So go ahead and invite everyone you know who doesn’t use social media.  They can now enjoy your posts in a private news feed.  There are no excuses not to join in the fun of sharing memories.

If you want to be an Author and have a Follower account also – you will need to create two accounts with separate emails.  In the next version of the app we anticipate you will only require one sign in to access both accounts.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please email us at

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