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Staying Young with Social Media

In a lot of ways, social media and the Internet have acquired a sort of bad reputation synonymous with online bullying, people over-sharing their personal life via too many pictures and videos, and privacy/hacking concerns. Oftentimes, when people think social media, they picture young people’s faces buried into their smart phones, ignoring everything and everyone around them.

As with practically all advances in technology, the bad unfortunately comes with the good, but one thing’s for sure about social media and that is that the Internet keeps you connected and not just to negative news or gossip about that classmate from high school.

Social media and the Internet can not only keep you connected to your loved ones, but you might also be surprised to learn that it can even help with combatting numerous physical and emotional issues.

Who would have thought that the Internet could actually keep you healthy? Read on to find out how.

Keeping Up with Family & Friends

You might have heard this point-of-view before: “If I want to stay connected to family and friends, I can call or visit them. Social media is so impersonal.”

There is some truth to this statement, but consider this: It’s not always feasible to visit or sometimes even call family or friends. If your schedule does allow it, there’s a possibility that your loved ones schedule doesn’t.

Relying on telephone or in-person contact means that you may miss a lot of what is going on in your loved ones life. Social media allows you to see so many of your loved ones’ milestones and achievements, like a graduation or anniversary that you weren’t able to attend, or even the simple every day things that keep you connected to what your loved one is doing, like the photo and location of the brunch they had last Sunday or a video of your grandchild taking her first steps.

In a sense, social media is more personal than it is impersonal. It allows you to see and experience so many more of life’s special moments.

Use it or Lose It

The myth that cognitive abilities decline with age is just that: A myth. The truth is that cognitive abilities can be affected at any age if we fail to learn new things and stimulate our minds constantly. The trick is to not only focus on keeping the mind busy by, let’s say, doing crossword puzzles every day, but also to do new things and learn new activities. This is how new connections are made in the brain and this is essentially how you can keep your mind clear and sharp always.

Learning how to stay connected via social media is an excellent way to learn something new and to continuously challenge yourself because social media is a dynamic thing: It’s always changing, there’s always something new to discover, and you will have new pictures, videos, and messages on your feed every single day.

Social media is an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends, keep up-to-date with news and current events, and another thing that is probably the most important of all when it comes to stimulating the mind: You will learn to get lost and find your way.

It’s true that social media can get pretty confusing with all the icons, links, and buttons to navigate, but this is exactly what our minds need. We need to increase our comfort with things that are uncomfortable even it means getting completely confused (and even occasionally frustrated) with social media.

There’s a learning curve but before you know it, you will be using social media like a pro. The trick is to sit down and play with social media: Explore, click, read, and see where each link and button takes you.

Navigating new and challenging things is food for the brain, this is what will keep you young, motivated, and connected; this is what will combat depression and loneliness.

Social media will help you stay young, stay active, and stay curious.

With approximately 6 million Australians aged over 54, only 2 million are connected with their family on social media. Most will be using social media to follow the family and keep up to date. However around 4 million are still missing out because they find it all too technically difficult.

App Development company Boom Connections has simplified social media for those who are looking for a simple way to stay in touch with family in this new age of social media and communication.

Their new app - Boom Connections is a game changer for family members who don’t like the idea of main stream social media or find it all too difficult. The app allows a person to follow any or all their family members who are on public social media, but receive their posts in a private and filtered environment.

A follower does not need a Facebook or Instagram account and they do not need a public profile. They choose family members they wish to follow on Facebook or Instagram, then once connected, the posts will be delivered in a private news feed. It’s so simple there is now no excuse for not connecting. It’s private, it’s simple and you don’t need a public profile.

“It’s the perfect solution to connecting those members of the family who don’t want the trappings of main stream social media, however they do want to see and share in what the family are doing”.

Said Nick Cartledge, Boom CEO.

“We are all about Connecting the Disconnected by making the sharing of family memories easy and private”.

Boom is now available on the tunes store and Google play. For more information visit

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