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Why BOOM ?

What is Boom Connections and why do you need another social media app? In this hyper-connected digital world, what does Boom offer that all the others don’t?

After all, your phone is already always with you. Through it you are connected to the world, to your family and friends. With apps like Facebook you can keep up with what friends from school and what they are up to long after graduation day. And of course you can let them all know what you are up to, keeping friendships intact years beyond what once was possible. Yet, there is something, or rather, someone missing.

That missing part of the social media experience is your family, particularly those who are intimidated by the crazy and confusing world of the interwebs. Usually, they’re the older ones. You know, the mom, uncle or grandma that you just managed to talk into getting a new phone. They’re probably just confused by the whole process and the constant changes that Facebook is infamous for. Or they wouldn’t post anything anyway.

Others are more concerned about security. They don’t want their personal stuff stored in a server somewhere that’s going to get hacked and sent who knows where. Then there are the countless “friend” requests from people they’ve never met, curated posts they don’t care about, and constantly changing privacy rules they have to actively opt out of.

Let’s be fair, it isn’t hard to understand why they don’t bother.

Of course, then those same people complain at every family gathering that you don’t call or keep in touch. As a result, those connections have weakened over the years.

What is a millennial to do?

Boom Connections can help.

Boom Connections is a new social media app that is designed specifically with all of these things in mind. Boom accomplishes this through its unique Author and Follower system.

When downloading the Boom app you can choose to be an Author or a Follower. The Author option lets you synch your Facebook and Instagram accounts with Boom. You can then share posts with your Followers by swiping right, or just dismiss the post by swiping left. That way, you only share the posts you want to share, perfect if you don’t think grandma should see that pic of you doing shots last Friday, or you know, that Dad doesn’t really want to get into politics without a cup of coffee in hand.

Followers are added just by sending an email request. You may need to walk your tech-adverse friends and family through the install process and setting up a profile but once that it is done, all they really need to do is open up the app to see your latest posts. They don’t get requests from strangers, they don’t have to give up tons of personal information, and they don’t get spammed with a ton of posts they aren’t going to be interested in. There is even a private chat feature so you can connect through more than just a couple of posts.

In short, Boom Connections is the perfect solution to bringing your reluctant family and friends into the digital world so you can keep in touch even when you are miles apart.

You can find Boom in the iTunes Apps Store or the Google Play Store.

Download and get reconnected today.

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