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Why do we need social media?

Can't the kids just call ?

Social media can be incredibly confusing. There are boxes, links, and adds everywhere. And that’s just Facebook, the worlds largest and most succesful social media platform.

And what exactly is an Instagram? Just pictures ?

If this sounds like you, Boom Connections is for you.

What is Boom Connections?

It is a new social media app that is built specifically to help connect people who are intimidated by the complexity and security issues that plague all the mainstream social media apps.

Not a day seems to go by without some big tech company getting hacked and thousands of credit card numbers getting spewed all over the internet. If it isn’t that, there is a story about social media bullying or cyber-stalking to be concerned with.

Yet, all of your nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters are on these apps all the time. You try to get them to call or send an email but you also understand that the younger generations don’t communicate that way very much. They post and comment with everyone instantly.

As a result, you may feel like you are missing out on being part of their lives. Still, given the considerations involved, is it worth the associated risks?

This is why we developed the Boom Connections app, to help reconnect family and friends in as secure and hassle-free a way possible.

So, how does it work?

Let’s assume your son has downloaded the app. To add you as a Follower, he will fill in your email address and a connect request will show up in your inbox. Click on the link to download the app and set it up as a Follower. You won’t need anything more than a name, a picture (any picture will do), and your email. That’s it. Boom Connections wont need anything more from you than that. From there, all you really need to do is open up the app and follow your son’s life online. You’ll be able to keep up with everything he shares from Facebook and Instagram in your own private news feed.

But what about spam and friend requests from strangers?

That won’t happen here. You can only get requests from people who already know your email and you will only see posts from friends that you accept.

What about security? Boom doesnt pick up any personal information other than your email so even if the servers were to get hacked, simply following standard practices of not opening up email from people you don’t know will protect you.

Should you want to do more than just view posts, you can. Even as a Follower, you can send connect requests and make use of the private chat feature to have a longer, in depth personal conversation.

Boom Connections has built the perfect app to help get you digitally connected with friends and family while still respecting your privacy and security.

Download from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store today and get reconnected.

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